Erster Österreichischer Kleinwagenklub

OCC - Wir versichern Klassiker!

International Seiberer Award-of-the-mountain

for historical vehicles on the last Sunday in April at Weißenkirchen, Wachau, Austria. Bicylce contest one day earlier

Bicycle race (Sat): 1. run at 13:00 Uhr, 2. run at 15:00

Automobile competition (Sun): 1. run at 10:00 Uhr, 2. run at 14:30

Faber, OCC, Kabelplus

Seiberer 2021: April 24th and 25th

24.4.: 3. International Seiberer Bicycle Award-of-the-mountain.

25.4.: 35. International Seiberer Award-of-the-mountain.

The official announcment will be released enf of February. Nomination will be online from end of Feburary to end of March. If you are not already on our address list, please register here.

In case the authorities will disallow the event, the planned alternative dates are June 19th and 20th.